Saturday 12 May, 7.30pm


Scintillating Folk

The string quartet has long been associated with classical composers and at the same time there are many examples of composers embracing folk music in their works, whether in orchestral or chamber music, or in songs. The string quartet repertoire contains many examples of folk music enlivening the imagination of composers, from Haydn, Beethoven and Dvořák, to Stravinsky and Bartók, and including in our own time Sally Beamish and a number of Scandinavian composers.

To discover a folk music ensemble that is also a string quartet, and a string quartet that only plays folk music is indeed a rarity, and Methera is that unique ensemble with its roots firmly planted in English traditional music. Performing in a close circle, they perform newly-composed pieces alongside timeless traditional material. The intimacy of their music-making and the intricacy of their interweaving lines belong in the best traditions of chamber music. They have been described as “a scintillating live act, blazing a trail through the uncharted territory that lies between folk and chamber music - sophisticated and earthy, groundbreaking and familiar, enchanting and thrilling - chamber folk at its best.” Their national tours, BBC broadcasts and collaborations have helped them combine a deep knowledge of traditional music with a wide range of other influences and expertise.

John Dipper fiddle
Emma Reid fiddle
Miranda Rutter viola
Lucy Deakin cello