On the day of an event on-line tickets sales will close at 12 noon but further tickets will be on sale from 6.30pm on the door.

All seats in the Nave and Chapel areas have excellent sightlines to the musicians. Seats in the Nave and Chapel are shown in RED on the diagram below and are designated as 'UNRESTRICTED VIEW'.

Seats in the Transept area have a slightly more impeded view of the musicians. The Chancel (please note that access is up 10 steps from the nave) offers good views, but from behind the musicians. The acoustic remains excellent in both areas, but these seats are offered at reduced prices. Seats in the Transept and Chancel are shown in GREEN on the diagram below and are designated as 'RESTRICTED VIEW'.The Chancel seats are behind the musicians and 10 steps up from Nave.

Standard Under 16 Years Series Discount

Series Discount Tickets: If you wish to buy tickets for all four concerts and take advantage of the generous Series Discount prices, please telephone 01669 640382

Workshops Admission: £2 - must be booked online - all held in Alwinton Church.

Booking Queries, mobility and access issues, Series Discount tickets telephone 01669 640382

Seating Plan