For the 2016 series you will be able to book individual seats in advance online from here on the 26th of February 2016.

Alternatively, you may book tickets in person from the 26th of February 2016 at:

  • Shepherds Walks
  • Coquetdale Centre
  • Church Street
  • Rothbury
  • NE65 7UP

Shepherds Walks is open 7 days a week, 10.30am - 4.30pm, cash and cheques only.

Shepherds Walks has kindly agreed to sell tickets in their shop as an alternative to booking online. They can only take cash or cheques (payable to "Alwinton Church Summer Concerts"). They cannot take credit cards, and they are not able to provide a telephone service or resolve queries. If you have a problem in obtaining tickets, please contact:

Graham Stacy, Ticketing Manager:  or  01669 640382.

Seats Nave and Chapel Unrestricted View
Transept Restricted View
Chancel Up 10 steps from Nave, seats behind the musicians, Restricted View

Booking queries, including mobility and access issues, telephone: 01669 640382.

All seats in the Nave and Chapel areas have excellent sightlines to the musicians. Seats in the Nave and Chapel are shown in RED on the diagram below and are designated as 'UNRESTRICTED VIEW'.

Seats in the Transept area have a slightly more impeded view of the musicians. The Chancel (please note that access is up 10 steps from the nave) offers good views, but from behind the musicians. The acoustic remains excellent in both areas, but these seats are offered at reduced prices. Seats in the Transept and Chancel are shown in GREEN on the diagram below and are designated as 'RESTRICTED VIEW'.

Standard Under 16 Years Series Discount

Our Series Discount tickets (a ticket for all 4 concerts) offer significant discounts. Series discount tickets are available only from Shepherds Walks or by telephoning 01669 640382. They are not available online.

Unsold seats available on the door, and up to 30 Restricted View seats (rear of Chancel) at bargain rates on the door.

In the diagram below, some seats are surrounded by a black line. These are available only from Shepherds Walks. All other seats are available only on line.

Seating Plan

For the Apollo Saxophone Quartet concert on 28 May, a screen for the silent film will be erected at the foot of the Chancel steps. To ensure that all concert goers have a good view of the screen, none of the Chancel or Transept seats will be available for this concert, and only a small number of seats in the Chapel will be available.